GAM Azienda Grafica - Rudiano (Brescia) GAM Azienda Grafica - Rudiano (Brescia)

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edited by Giada Diano
Fifty poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti Fifty images by Armando Milani

A precious edition with poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, a protagonist of the beat generation, and images (photographic compositions and posters) by Armando Milani, a great designer for the Vignelli studio in New York, whose creations have been adopted from Onu and exposed all around the world. These artists dealed with similar themes and with this edition of design and poetry we try to promote their efforts of trying to make the world a better one. ENGLISH EDITION
Copertina Fifty poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti Fifty images by Armando Milani
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generearte e grafica
dettagli142 p., illustrated, 24x34 cm
28.00 euro
Copertina Filo di lana
Filo di lana
Roberto Zini
12.00 euro
Copertina La seduzione impossibile
La seduzione impossibile
Mauro De Molli
22.00 euro
Copertina Per una storia di Iseo
Per una storia di Iseo
Vittorio Volpi
Copertina Il segno della bellezza.
Il segno della bellezza.
Virginia Magatelli
5.00 euro
Copertina La gioia del pensare
La gioia del pensare
Emilio Zanetti
8.00 euro
Copertina VÚ zo del fic
VÚ zo del fic
Costanzo Gatta
12.00 euro

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